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Logos are an important part of the organization's "brand" or "identity." To convey the most professional image, logo use should be purposeful, represent the best interest of students, and comply with USD 443 Board Policies.

Choose Carefully

  • Use wisely. When using the logo, know specifically how it will be used. In a PowerPoint presentation? In a document that will be printed?
  • Size matters. Logo resolution and quality can detroriate and dimish the professionalism of a logo when it is resized, either made smaller or larger. The best size is one that is closest to the desired size and a minimal enlargement or reduction, if necessary, is best.
  • Colour your world. When printing, a color logo printed in black and white is interpolated, meaning that the printer or software used to print will guess at what the color might look like in grayscale. Instead of guessing, choose an optimized black and white image if you are printing in black and white.

Logos Currently Available

Dodge City Public Schools Unified School District 443 Children jumping
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