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General Information

GA Personnel Policy Organization

GAA Goals and Objectives

GAAA Equal Opportunity Employment and Nondiscrimination

GAAB Complaints of Discrimination

GAAC Sexual Harassment

GAACA Racial and Disability Harassment Employees

GAAD Child Abuse

GAAE Bullying by Staff

GAAF Emergency Safety Interventions

GACA Positions

GACB Job Descriptions

GACC Recruitment and Hiring

GACCA Nepotism

GACD Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9

GACE Assignment and Transfer

GAD Employee Development Opportunities

GAE Complaints

GAF Staff Student Relations

GAG Conflict of Interest

GAH Participation in Community Activities

GAHA Employee Residence Status

GAHB Political Activities

GAI Solicitations

GAJ Gifts

GAK Personnel Records

GAL Salary Deductions

GAM Personal Appearance

GAN Travel Expenses

GANA Expense Reimbursement and Credit Cards

GAO Maintaining Proper Control

GAOA Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

GAOB Drug Free Schools

GAOC Tobacco Free School Grounds For Staff

GAOD Drug and Alcohol Testing

GAOE Workers Compensation

GAOF Salary Deductiions

GAR Communicable Diseases

GARA Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan

GARI Family and Medical Leave

GARID Military Leave

GAT Staff Use of Communication Devices

GBH Supervision

GBI Evaluation

GBK Suspension

GBN Nonrenewal and Termination

GBO Resignation

GBQA Reduction of Teaching Staff

GBR Work Schedule

GBRC Professional Development

GBRD Staff Meetings

GBRE Additional Duty

GBRF Student and Parent Conferences

GBRG Non School Employment

GBRGA Consulting

GBRGB Tutoring for Pay

GBRH Leaves and Absences

GBRI Nonchargeable Temporary Leave

GBRIBA Disability Leave

GBRJ Substitute Teaching

GBRK Ownership of Employee Produced Material

GBU Ethics

GCA Compensation and Work Assignments

GCB Positions

GCI Classified Employee Evaluation

GCIA Evaluation of Coaches and Sponsors

GCK Suspension

GCRF Non School Employment

GCRG Leaves and Absences

GCRH Vacations

GCRI Paid Holidays

JA Goals and Objectives

JB Attendance Records

JBC Enrollment

JBCA Homeless Students

JBCB Foster Care Students

JBD Absences and Excuses

JBE Truancy

JBH Release of a Student During the School Day

JCAB Searches of Property

JCABB Searches of Students

JCAC Interrogation and Investigations

JCDA Student Conduct

JCDAA Tobacco Free School Grounds For Students

JCDB Dress Code

JCDBB Weapons

JCE Complaints

JCEC Demonstrations

JDA Corporal Punishment

JDB Detention

JDC Probation

JDD Suspension and Expulsion Procedures

JDDA Drug Free Schools

JDDB Reporting to Law Enforcement

JDDC Bullying

JF Academic Achievement

JFA Peer Grading of Assignments

JFB Promotion Retention and Acceleration

JFC Graduation Exercises

JFCA Early Graduation

JGA Student Insurance Program

JGC Health Assessments and Physicals

JGCA Local Health and Wellness

JGCB Inoculations

JGCBA Automated External Defibrillators

JGCC Communicable Diseases

JGCD Health Screenings

JGD Student Psychological Services

JGEC Sexual Harassment

JGECA Racial and Disability Harassment

JGFB Supervision of Students

JGFF Student Transportation Regulation

JGFG Student Accidents and Health Emergencies

JGFGB Supervision of Medications

JGFGBA Student Self Administration of Medications

JGFGBB Accommodating Students with Diabetes

JGG Transportation

JGGA Use of Surveillance Cameras

JGH School Food Service Programs

JGHB Vending Machines and Other Automated Play Machines

JH Student Activities

JHC Student Organizations

JHCA Student Publications

JHCAA Gang Indimidation

JI Community Activities

JJ Employment of Students

JK Solicitations

JL Gifts

JM Contests for Students

JN Awards

JQ Exceptional Students

JQA Temporarily Disabled Students

JQE Alternative Arrangements for Nontraditional Students

JQI Adult Students

JQKA Foreign Exchange Students

JQL Hearing Procedures for Exceptional Students

JQLA Class Size Caseload Limits for Exceptional Students

JR Student Records

JRA Types of Records

JRB Release of Student Records

JRC Disposition of Records

JRD Hearing Request

JS Student Fees and Charges

Board of Education