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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My son/daughter completed their enrollment online at the middle school or high school during the spring semester. Are they enrolled?

Answer: No. Online enrollment was used to help with course selection for the 2021-2022 school year. This was NOT an enrollment form. Please complete student enrollment in Skyward.

Question: I am a family member, but I can't access my student's enrollment.

Answer: Enrollment is only loaded under Family 1 or the primary residence of the student. The parent/guardian who is listed under Family 1 is the one who will need to enroll the student.

Question: How do I know my enrollment went through?

Answer: You will receive a confirmation email once enrollment has been receive by the district. Any changes made will have to be approved so confirmation of enrollment may be delayed.

Question: Where can I find Skyward Family Access?

Answer: Click here to access Skyward Family Access.

Question: I can't get into my Skyward Family Access. Who do I contact?

Answer: Call your child's school or the technology help desk at 620-371-1080.

Question: My student is in high school. Can they log into their Skyward Student Access and complete their own registration?

Answer: No. Enrollment must be completed in the Family 1 Account.

Question: I log into my Skyward Family Access but can only see some of my students. Why can't I see the others and how do I enroll them?

Answer: You are not listed as Family 1 for the students who are not showing. Please contact your child's school or the technology help desk at 620-371-1080.

Question: I completed all the steps but I cannot submit my enrollment; why is that?

Answer: A green check mark will appear next to the step when it is complete. The steps must all be marked complete before submitting the enrollment unless they are marked optional.