Business and Operations - William Hammond, Executive Director of Business and Operations

  • Business Office Staff

    William Hammond- Executive Director of Business and Operations- Department supervisor, Board Clerk, provides fiscal and budgetary management, direct risk management for food services, building and grounds and transportation, purchasing and auditing.

    Molly Miller- Comptroller.  Provides general oversight and supervision for payroll and accounting functions.  Ensures financial compliance, coordinates and monitors budget planning and spending, manages cash deposits and disbursements.

    Karen Carmona - Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of Business and Operations.  Enters vendors, corrects accounting errors on requisitions. Program VOIP phone changes.  Coordinates activities at the Civic Center.

    Niki Thomas- Fiscal Assistant II. Processes all journals entries, budget entries and intra-district expense forms, i.e., district supply charges, nutrition, and Learning Center.  Mails purchase orders to vendors and district locations.  Handles district cell phone and telephone accounts.

    Cathy Eddy - Accounts Payable. Processes approved invoices, receipts, and packing slips with reference to a purchase order, and employee's mileage expense forms.

    Jolena McMillin-Wipf- Fiscal Assistant. Process Conference/Travel forms and other expense forms.  Processes entries and statements for Health Care and Special Activity Accounts.

    Chris Smith-Payroll Specialist Supervisor.   Coordinate and supervise the maintenance of payroll data, tax information, fringe benefits and employee payroll records.  Prepares monthly and quarterly payroll reports.  Administrator of TimeCentre.

    Eliel Marin and Jennie Keller-Payroll Specialists. Maintain confidential employee files, including wage, garnishment, and direct deposit information, update employee payroll records, generate payroll reports, enter and report employee paid and non paid leaves, process payroll and manage TimeCentre.


    Business Office Department

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