Channel 21 Programming

  • Tune In

    Cable television viewers in Dodge City have additional programming choices, thanks to a partnership between Dodge City Public Schools and Cox Communications, supported by the community and district business partners. An educational access channel (Channel 21) is available to viewers as part of any Cox Cable television subscription package and at no charge to the district.

    The Legislation Behind the Channel

    The "1984 Cable Franchise Policy and Communications Act" is a piece of legislation sponsored by Senator Barry Goldwater passed into law that allows monopolies on cable television in each community in exchange for 3 percent of all revenues to be granted to the communities themselves leading to the birth of modern day public access community television and what is called PEG or Public, Educational and Government (channel) TV.


    Cox Communications is a partner with Unified School District 443, Dodge City Public Schools. Cox Communications does not program P.E.G. channel 21. For questions or comments regarding cable channel 21 in Dodge City, Kansas, please contact Yvonda Offerle at

    Cox Communications Cable Channel 21 features educational programming by Dodge City Public Schools. Programming for the community comes from a variety of sources.

    • Student performances and work. Visit the online calendar to see the events live before they appear on television!
    • Board of Education meetings are taped and then broadcast later on television.
    • Get district news. Many stories are also featured in the "School Zone" appearing each Monday in Dodge City Daily Globe.
    • Slides let everyone know about upcoming events in the school district. See the full, up-to-date calendar online.
    • Curricular-based broadcasts.
    • If you have any suggestions for Channel 21 content, please contact Yvonda Offerle at
    • All music played during the slide shows and informational portions of the channel's programming is purchased and used in accordance with the publishers' "Terms of Use."