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Flyer Distribution

USD 443 Flyer Distribution

Thank you for your interest in flyer distribution to DCPS School Community.

To obtain permission to distribute flyers or similar requests within the Dodge City Public Schools, all requests must be reviewed and approved through the Public Information Office. Please review our flyer distribution guidelines for more information. 


Flyer Distribution Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a flyer for approval?

Flyers must be submitted via email to


How can I make sure my flyer is approved?

Be sure your flyer meets all of our distribution guidelines outlined on our website: It is important to note that all flyers must contain the following disclaimer:

NOTICE: DC USD 443 neither sponsors nor endorses the organization or activity represented in this document and the content or views expressed herein are solely that of the organization shown. USD 443 permits the distribution of material such as this on a nondiscriminatory basis regarding matters of potential interest to students and parents.

AVISO: Dodge City USD 443 no patrocina ni respalda la organización o actividad representada en este documento y el contenido o las opiniones expresadas en este documento son únicamente los de la organización mostrada. USD 443 permite la distribución de material como este sobre una base no discriminatoria con respecto a asuntos de interés potencial para los estudiantes y los padres.


If my flyer is approved, does the District print and send the flyer out for me?

No. Flyers are shared electronically through our communication portal.  We no longer print flyers for distribution.


Does the District offer online or email distribution?

Typically, flyers are shared mid-week through TalkingPoints which is the texting tool for district communication. We currently do not use email for flyer delivery.


How long does the approval process take?

If your flyer meets the required guidelines, it will be immediately uploaded in the distribution folder. Typically we share a link to the flyers mid-week through TalkingPoints, our communication portal. This is a fairly new process for ust to better manage flyer distribution – we send a link which provides school families access to district approved school and community announcements.


How often are flyers reviewed?

Flyers are reviewed by a member of the Public Information team weekly – typically on Mondays.


Does approval guarantee distribution?

No. Approval by the Public Information Office means that the content meets the District guidelines for distribution. 


Still have questions?

Contact the Public Information Office at 620-371-1023.