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Support Solutions

Training, support, and resources for a specific service, application, or device – Please see the corresponding section on the previous page. Suggestions for additions to these resources and links is welcome and may be sent to

Software CenterOnline Help – To quickly resolve a common classroom technology issue or submit a ticket, find the shortcut on your desktop named “Software Center”. Double-click it open and once it loads, select either “Quick Help” or “Request Support” from the lefthand tabs. You can also open it by clicking the image to the right.

Direct Support – Contact us directly at 371-1080 or visit us at Room 120 in the District Building. The latter can be helpful if you wish to bring in a malfunctioning device for a potential quick fix, or want to be shown how to use or resolve issues within our scope of support.

Building Support – Inquire with your building’s Instructional Coach as they often have training on the various classroom technologies, and may be able to get things up and running quickly.

Self-Help – While many district technologies are not common to consumer use, you may still find useful information for technologies such as Microsoft Office products, the various Google Apps, popular Web Browsers, printers and laptops, through a simple Google search. Don’t be wary of trying things in Windows, powering devices off and on, and checking connections. You won’t break it. Your coffee might, though, so do watch where that sits.