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Laptops and Desktops

The Technology department currently deploys and supports Windows 10 on most laptops and desktop computers, with Windows 11 provisioned on newer Surface tablets. Teachers and staff are asked to help keep their devices up to date and avoid any data loss by restarting them when Windows notifies of updates.

Desktops – Most desktops in the district are Dell products and are still widely used in labs and offices, with fewer in classrooms than in previous years. 

Laptops – Staff laptops are mostly HP products while student laptops (in the process of phasing out) are Dell branded. 

Chromebooks – Teachers utilize a touchscreen 2-in-1 Acer Chromebook, while students are assigned a non-touch Chromebook laptop.

Surface Tablets – Surface tablets are used occasionally, and are manufactured by Microsoft. 

iPads – Some ipads are used in specialized circumstances.

All Windows devices are centrally managed through Microsoft Endpoint Management and Active Directory, with web content filtering through Cisco Umbrella.

Chromebooks are managed through the Google admin console, and iPads are managed through Casper.