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Classroom and Office Technology

The technology department supports a wide variety of technologies used across the district. 

Document cameras – To display documents on a TV or projected screen, document cameras are utilized through a connection to the teacher’s laptop and ImageMate software. Most cameras in use are Elmo branded. 

Printers – Most printers are HP models and connect directly to a computer through a USB cable. Some printers are shared between users and are connected to the district network.

Copiers – We provide some limited support for faxing and copying issues on district Copiers, most of them Savin branded. We also can set up the scanning functionality on the copiers to send documents to email or a folder in a staff member’s shared drive.  Other support can be obtained through Century Business Technologies. They can be reached at 620-225-2434.

We also deploy and support label makers, mostly Dymos, as well as desktop scanners mostly manufactured by Fujitsu (now acquired by Ricoh).