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Smart TVs, Boards, and Projectors

The smart board setups that can be currently found in the district include (from oldest to newest):

The Eno board – There may only be one or two of these left. This is a board + projector configuration. They use a special pen that requires batteries to see where the board is being touched to provide interactivity with the connected computer.

Older Smart boards – Features a gray bezel and four individual pen trays and likely an Epson 530 projector fitted on it to replace the original. They usually use a wireless USB connected to the computer to communicate touch input. Only a few of these still exist in classrooms.

Recent Smart boards – These have a white bezel and a single pen tray with buttons to select the color. We often wired these for touch and video, with wall ports being placed close to desks (or where the desks were at the time of installation). The devices in the ports communicated with devices mounted on top of the projector, and are prone issues commonly resolved by turning the power off and on again. 

Dumb TVs –  Mostly at the high school, these TVs do not come with interactive apps nor the ability to send touch to a connected device. 

Smart TV panels –  The most recent configuration involves a TV running its own software but with the ability to connect to an app to send touch input back to the connected computer. However, in most cases the TV is self-sufficient, able to run certain apps and browsers and connect to online lesson plans and internet services. 

Some conference rooms and classrooms may have projector-only setups, often supported by that building’s maintenance.